Charlie Sheen
Appears in World War 3 series
Nationality American
Status Alive
Birth September 3, 1965 (real life); October 4, 1973 (novel)
Sex Male
Height 5'9"
Hair Dark
Eyes Hazel
Race Caucasian
Weapon Pitchfork, M1911, any weapon he chooses

Charlie Sheen is a member of The Force in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  However, in real life he's an actor.  He seems to abhor Muhammad's Army just as much as everyone else.


Early lifeEdit

Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estevez in New York City.  In 2004, Charlie was targeted by Muhammad's Army (back then Al Qaeda) during the 2004 Madrid train bombings .  He was injured when one bomb exploded in Atocha Station, but managed to survive the incident.  

This later fueled his vendetta against al-Qaeda and, eventually, Muhammad's Army.


In 2020, Charlie was among those abducted by Muhammad's Army during the Angolan Hostage Crisis.  He is found trying to whack a coffin (which, unbeknownst to him, contains Audrey Hoving inside) with a shovel to find out if it's empty.  Later, he accidentally knocked the coffin over a hilltop, taking him down with it.  Afterwards, Lev Raskov helped him in rescuing "the subject", which later turned out to be Lev's crush, Audrey.


In 2021, Sheen is a member of the paramilitary\counterterrorism legion called The Force.  He assists The Force during the First Hunt for Rojas during Act II of the novel.  Later, he is seen during the conflicts Operation Scorched Earth and Operation Grendel.  Finally, he is seen fighting against Muhammad's Army soldiers while attempting to kill Ali Al-Washir, hiding out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  • He is the first celebrity in the novel.
  • As of now, he is the first person to witness a Muhammad's Army terrorist attack.
  • He has a grudge against Ali Al-Washir because of his involvement in the 2004 Madrid train bombings.
  • He is jealous of Alexandra Daddario because of her "exemplary" fighting ability.