Emily Underdown

Cameron redeye1
Alias: "Allyson Burns"
Gender Program:


Status: Active
Series: T-900 (see TOK715)
Model: Summer Glau (Terminatrix covering)
Features: -Blue flash/Red eyes

-Dedicated replacement -Sustenance consumption -Unsurpassed human mimicry -Possible self awareness

Occupation: Protector/Assassin
Hair color Brown (both as a human and a Post-Terminatrix-Human-Warrior)
Eye color

Emily Underdown is a Post-Terminatrix-Human-Warrior (PTHW) and a character in the World War 3 series.  In the novel, she is tasked with protecting a 14-year old girl named Alyssah Diez.


World War 3: The Hit on the InnocentEdit

Emily's story officially starts when Korey Hogan is notified by Olivia Coonz's father about a series of murders that begin occurring in Switzerland.  The perp is Emily Underdown, AKA the PTHW, and she is to find and protect Alyssah Diez from Federation soldiers attempting to kill her.  After killing several other Federation agents, she finds Alyssah and "kidnaps" her in order to get her into hiding. 

The two of them soon bond during their adventures and by the end of the novel, Emily is viewed as Alyssah's "second mother."


  • Her mission is similar to that of the T-101 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • Originally, she was to disguise herself as a cop.
  • She and Aly start bonding after the fake kidnapping incident.