Habib Al-Washir
[1]Habib in a statement against America
Ethnicity Arab

World War 3: Sinister Operations


Secondary Commander; later commander


Muhammad's Army


MP-443 Grach

Habib Al-Washir is Ali Al-Washir's son and another antagonist in the World War 3 series.  After his father's death, he vows revenge by killing every American he can get his hands on until his wrath subsides.  Unfortunately, he is unaware that Vulture Force and their allies will eventually stop him.


World War 3Edit

In the novel World War 3: Sinister Operations, he is first seen in a propoganda video against the United States, where he vows revenge against Vulture Force for the killing of his best lieutenants (who were also his best friends since his childhood).  Later, he's seen in another video after Ali Al-Washir dies, vowing revenge against the entire American population and vowing to kill every American he can get his hands on until Vulture Force is exterminated.