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First Country
Second United Kingdom
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Fourth Multirole intelligence agency
Fifth Leader(s)
Sixth Harry Gould (2021-2025); Harry Styles (2036-?)

The Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, or Mission Intelligence Service 6, is a counterterrorist intelligence agency and a faction in World War 3: Sinister Operations.

World War 3 Edit

MI6 is first featured during the events leading up to Operation Crossed Swords.  Following a failed attempt by Muhammad's Army to nuke the capital city of London, England (thanks to MI6), MI6 witnesses the start of war against all of radical Islam.

Later, an MI6 agent, Courtney Manchester, is captured by Muhammad's Army while attempting to get information on the terrorist group during the operation itself.  As a result, The Force is sent in to rescue her from her captors.

MI6 is then seen again during Elayna Niermeyer's military blitzkreig on Europe.  Aside from witnessing Elayna's forces parachuting off the coasts of Ireland, driving tanks into Berlin, Paris, and various other major cities, the MI6 staff is notified of Elayna's drive to destroy One Direction after their exile to England.  However, before they can do anything, the Iron Hand makes landfall on London, England, forcing MI6 to work alongside The Force (as they are out of options at this point) in order to get information on how to protect One Direction and to sabotage Elayna's attempt to destroy them.

Notable membersEdit

  • Courtney Manchester-MI6 Operative
  • Joe Harrison-MI6 operative
  • John MacDonnell-MI6 operative
  • Harry Gould-Director