National People's Front
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First Type
Second Christian\Jewish Extremist group
Third Leader(s)
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Fourth Amir Bin-Said
Fifth Status
Sixth Active

The National People's Front is a Christian\Jewish extremist movement in World War 3: Sinister Operations.  In the novel, they are a religious extremist movement with its members consisting of a mixture of both Christian and Jewish Arabs\Israelis\Americans that are against Ben Hoving, Dominic Lockhart, and their respective organizations' goal to turn America into a dictatorship, believing that such a government will destroy America's long history of freedom of religion.


Early yearsEdit

The NPF was founded during the events of Operation Grendel, where CELL and the Iron Hand teamed up to convert America's government from democracy to Imperialism.  It became active sometime after the May 6, 2021 Terrorist Attacks and continued to be active throughout Operation Grendel.

World War 3Edit

In World War 3: Sinister Operations, the members of the NPF are seen attacking various landmarks owned by CryNet Systems and CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics.  When they are encountered by The Force, they immediately welcome their assistance in destroying the CELL\Iron Hand regime in America.  The two organizations team up and use their knowledge of the enemy to destroy them, effectively terminating the CELL\Iron Hand regime in America.


The NPF equipment is a combination of those used by the Team Black Mercs and the C.E.L.L.  Like Team Black and CELL, the NPF wear black commando outfits, tactical helmets and gas masks.  However, they also wear a mixture of tactical and personal gear of their own.  For example, they are seen wearing black\olive green BDU pants, upgraded armor, earpieces, concealed carry vests and Kevlar vests bearing the NPF logo and insignia on their backs.  

They also sometimes wear sunglasses and hockey masks, something the C.E.L.L. and Team Black don't wear in combat.  

Their weapons are a bit more diverse than the C.E.L.L. and Team Black.  Although they sometimes use captured C.E.L.L. and Team Black weapons, they utilize weapons also used by The Force.  Aside from this, they also use IEDs (improvised explosive devices) to destroy certain vehicles and RPGs to take out aircraft and helicopters.




  • They are the first friendly faction to use tactics also used by antagonist factions.
  • They are also the first friendly religious extremist movement in the novel.