Type 24 / Type Zhongzheng

Type Zhongzheng rifle/Type 24 rifle

Type Bolt actionrifle
Place of origin  Republic of China
Service history
In service 1935–1980s
Used by National Revolutionary Army,Chinese Red Army, various Chinese Warlords
Wars Second Sino-Japanese War,

Chinese Civil War, Korean War

Production history
Designed 1935[1]
Manufacturer KunghsienHanyangJinglin andCanton Arsenals
Produced 1935–1950
Number built 500,000–600,000[1]
Variants Chiang Kai-shek rifle Type 1, Chiang Kai-shek rifle Type 2
Weight 4.08 kg (9.0 lb)
Length 1,110 mm (44 in)
Barrel length 600 mm (24 in)

Cartridge 8×57mm IS
Action Bolt action
Rate of fire 15 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 810 m/s (2,657 ft/s)
Effective range 500 m (550 yd)
Feed system 5-round stripper clip, internalmagazine

The Type 24 Rifle , AKA the Zhongzheng Rifle or Chiang-Kai-shek Rifle, is a rifle seen in the World War 3 series as part of Jordan Portner's weapons stockpile.  It is also seen used by the People's Republic of China's People's Liberation Army during Operation Scorched Earth, while Anarchists invade China.

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